Leading in times of unprecedented uncertainty.


That's A Wrap (For Now)

THANKS for joining the Outthinker 2020 Virtual Summit.

Wow, that was just amazing. Our minds are still buzzing from the many great insights shared by our wonderful speakers and moderators. We were grateful and excited to see 2,000+ people tuning in from 50+ countries all around the world for this critical conversation about how to lead in times of unprecedented uncertainty.

And even better: the summit raised more than $80,000+ for charities supporting populations most impacted by COVID19: children who no longer have access to hot lunches, hourly workers no longer with income, and the elderly most at risk medically.

*** For Participants: About accessing video recordings and materials: We are currently editing the session recordings, and getting final approvals from our speakers to share the videos and slides or other resources. We expect to be able to send you information on how to access all content by Friday.

What was a crazy idea initially is turning into a global movement- and all of that happened in just two weeks. We're keen to continue the conversation, and focus even more on what future we would like to create and how to get there.

You're Invited Back on May 6th

Responding to a huge demand from both business thinkers wanting to volunteer and speak, as well as leaders and professionals globally wanting to continue learn and engage, we’re extending the summit one extra day.

On May 6th, we’ll continue the conversation with a 24-hours summit “
Reimagine The Future”, featuring 24 business thinkers from around the world.

If you have purchased a ticket to Outthinker 2020 Virtual Summit access to this extra day is already included in your ticket at no extra cost, for both the live sessions and the recordings afterwards. You do not need to sign up nor pay again. We'll send you more information about the extra day and how it all works soon to the email you signed up with.

If you haven't been part of Outthinker 2020 Virtual Summit, we invite you to join us for this extra summit day. It provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with leading business thinkers on what it takes to lead through uncertainty and reimagine the future, and at the same time you donate to charities supporting populations at risk from the impact of COVID-19.

To join for this extra day, ticket prices are $99 for one seat, $399 for five seats and $699 for ten seats with 100% of proceeds being donated to charity. That ticket gives access to all live sessions on May 6th, and all recordings from the sessions across all three days. You can sign up via

We look forward to seeing you (again) on May 6th. More info on that new event via

Stay well, and stay safe!

On behalf of the speakers, partners and team

Kaihan Krippendorff

100% Of Profits To Charity

We are donating 100% of profits to a select set of charities as chosen by our speakers and staff, providing immediate support to populations most at-risk from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kiva is supporing local business in the US: whether it’s your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, your best friend who owns a storefront or a local grower you support at the farmer's market. More info here

GiveDirectly is delivering cash to families impacted by COVID-19 in the U.S. and abroad More info here

As the coronavirus crisis bars kids from the school meals they depend on, through No Kid Hungry everyday people, celebrities, corporations and others are stepping up to ensure these kids can eat. More info here

European Food Banks are responding to COVID-19 recovering and redistributing food to charities and people in need. More info here

About Outthinker Strategy Network

The Outthinker Strategy Network is an invitation-only network of heads of strategy from large ($1billion+) organizations.

The Outthinker Strategy Network helps strategists and their organizations step into the future and execute with clarity. Members get exclusive access to a global peer group of strategy executives and world-class thought-leaders.

“Technology and culture are changing so fast I feel nearly everything I learned for my MBA is now obsolete. The Outthinker Network is the best way I have found to stay relevant.”

“No other group, conference, or exec-ed program has provided me with so much valuable, actionable, and pragmatic advice and tools that I can bring back to my company.” 

“The Outthinker CSO Network helps me to stay ahead of the curve so I can better anticipate and plan for everything that’s going on around us.”

“I learn from peers outside of my own industry…I don’t know where else I can get that.” 

“Here I feel at home exploring the different and innovative with my fellow strategists. It is a special, open, safe environment.”

“An unrivaled group of strategy executives and thought-leaders.”

Kudos to Our Summit Sponsors and Partners

Thanks for making this summit possible and with that, supporting populations at risk from COVID-19